Out of Step

Produced/Directed by Lynn Estomin
HD Video, Single or Multiple Screen versions available
Collaboration with choreographer Kelly Knox and electric violinist Ritsu Katsumata
Cinematography by Catherine Rios & Steve Gibson
6:00, 2011

We Are Not Your Heroes
Writer/Voice: Jennifer Pacanowski; Dancer: Amy Schaeffer

The woman I Used To Be
Writer/Voice: Chantelle Bateman; Dancer: Sophia Sainteus

Writer/Voice: Robynn Murray; Dancer: Bianca Roman

Women Wailing
Writer/Voice: Kelly Dougherty; Dancer: Kelsey Tangel

Out of Step features the voices of four young female veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: Robynn Murray, Chantelle Bateman, Kelly Dougherty, and Jen Pacanowski. Each woman’s writing is interpreted in dance; the dance chorus evokes their changing views and breaking away from the conformity and regiment of military life. The voices of these young veterans offer a glimpse into their emotional journey from idealistic military recruits, to coping with PTSD, to healing and working for peace in a chaotic world. There is a deep necessity for veterans to create when so much in their lives has been shattered. A profound sense of hope comes from the ability to rebuild and transform. The women’s stories are powerful, raw, emotional, and haunting.

2011 Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival, Philadelphia, PA
3rd Oslo International Screen Festival for Video Art, Oslo, Norway
5th International Digital Storytelling Conference, Ankara, Turkey
DANCE:FILM11, Edinburgh, Scotland
Un-Inhibited Muse Festival, Philadelphia, PA
GLOW Dance Festival, Hereford, UK
ShortsNonStop, Toronto, Canada
Is It Dance Film Festival, Leicester, UK
Mnemonic Mirrors, Galerija SC, Zagreb, Croatia
2012 Global Peace Film Festival, Orlando, FL
Bridgefest Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada
Elles Tournent Festival, Brussels, Belgium
Fastnet Short Film Festival, Schull, Ireland
2013 Davis Feminist Film Festival, Davis, CA
Athena Film Festival, New York, NY
Lewiston-Auburn Film Festival, Auburn, ME
Arts & Health: A Global View Film Festival, Detroit, MI
SPE Multicultural Film Festival, San Francisco, CA
Women and Minorities in Media Fest, Towson, MD
46th Annual Humboldt Film Festival, Arcata, CA
Morehead International Independent Film Festival, Morehead, KY
POWFest (Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival), Portland, OR
Rated SR - Socially Relevant Film Festival, Quad Cinema, New York, NY
Maryland International Film Festival, Hagerstown, MD
Chain NYC Film Festival, Long Island, NY
Billtown Film Festival, Williamsport, PA
Utopia Film Festival, Washington, DC/Greenbelt, MD
Best Experimental Film, American Psychological Association Convention, Washington, DC

HD Blu Ray and SD DVD available. Contact: estomin@lycoming.edu