Walkin' to New Orleans

Producer/Director: Lynn Estomin
Composer/Musician: Ritsu Katsumata
Featuring: Kelly Dougherty & Tina Garnanez
Director of Photography: Barbara Wolf
5 min. 2006

Maryland Film Festival, Baltimore, MD
San Diego Women's Film Festival, San Diego, CA
Ars Latina, Instituto de Cultura de Baja California, Mexicali, Mexico
CamboFest Film and Video Festival, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
CamboFest 2007, Siem Reap/AngkorWat City
OVNI 2008, Barcelona, Spain
St. John's International Women's Film Festival, St. John's, NL, Canada
Free Speech TV, National Broadcast
Homeland: Borders and Boundaries Video Festival, Woodstock NY
Artsfest Film Festival, Harrisburg, PA
Oxford International Film Festival, Oxford, OH
Southside Film Festival, Bethlehem, PA
Escondido Municipal Gallery, Escondido, CA
Susquehanna Film Festival, Campus Theater, Lewisburg, PA
IX Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Manizales, Colombia
ArtFem TV, New Brunswick, NJ

On March 19,2006, on the third anniversary of the war in Iraq, hundreds of veterans and survivors of Hurricane Katrina marched through New Orlean's ninth ward on the last leg of their week-long March for Peace and Justice from Mobile, AL, to New Orleans, LA. Two Iraq War veterans, Kelly Dougherty and Tina Garnanez, talk about their experiences in the military and why they joined the march.

DVD available. Contact: estomin@lycoming.edu