Run, Jane, Run

Producer/Director: Lynn Estomin
Collaborating Director: Amy Hill
Associate Producer: Kim Rhone
17:00 minutes, 2008

Garden State Film Fest, Asbury Park
M.A.L.I. Women's Film Festival, Austin, TX
Un-Inhibited Muse Festival, Philadelphia,PA
San Diego Women's Film Foundation, Escondido, CA
Susquehanna Film Fest, Lewisburg, PA
ArtFem TV, New Brunswick, NJ
IX Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Manizales, Colombia
Create, Act, Change, 5th International Digital Storytelling Conference, Ankara, Turkey

Marie grew up in a satanic cult. Pauletta's daughter was shot by her boyfriend. Christine was abused by her father. Kim's husband beat her. Shannon's father set the house on fire. The personal stories in Run, Jane, Run were created in a Silence Speaks writing/media workshop for survivors of domestic violence in the tradition of digital storytelling. They are a mix of low tech media, creative writing, personal documentary, and animation. Alternately disturbing, shocking, enlightening, and encouraging, the stories reveal the determination of five strong women to survive, move on and thrive. Original music and animation complement home movie footage and personal photographs as each woman narrates her own story.

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