Becky's Story

Producer/Director: Lynn Estomin
Animators: Tom Lee & Lynn Estomin
Composer/Musician: Ritsu Katsumata
Featuring: Becky Walz
Actors: Michael Burnham, Adrienne Clark, Adrien Finkel, Jake Jones, kj Jones
5:00 minutes, 2006

Super Shorts Film Festival, London, UK
UK Super Shorts Tour, Brighton, Cardiff, Edinburgh,
Glasgow, Manchester, Margate, and Oxford, UK
Girl Fest Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii
San Diego Women's Film Festival, San Diego, CA
Cincinnati Women's Film Festival, Cincinnati, OH
NextGen TV Festival and Competition, Los Angeles, CA
Best PA Film, Susquehanna Shorts Film Festival, Lewisburg, PA
Vernacular Spectacular, Philadelphia, PA
Femme Film Texas, Austin, TX
Rebel Planet Short Film Festival, Hollywood, CA
International House, Philadelphia, PA
Electric City Film Festival, Scranton, PA
ArtFem TV, New Brunswick, NJ
IX Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Manizales, Colombia
Women’s Silverscreen Roadshow, National US screening tour

Becky's Story provides a look at the results of Abstinence-Only Sexuality Education from the point of view of one teen mother. Becky tells her story in her own words — from taking the virginity pledge at church to juggling motherhood, work and school. Quirky animation and Ritsu Katsumata's funky music add humor and punch to this all too familiar tale.

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